For those who don't have the time to invest in a design custom tailored to their site and program, we offer our designs at an accessible price point. Inside our digital drawing packages you'll find 30X40 Design Workshop's signature plan layouts, elevations, wall sections and custom detailing. There are two types of drawing sets available: Schematic and Construction Packages. This FAQ describes each in more detail.
The Schematic Package is an abbreviated set intended to give a basic description of the floor plans and elevations with dimensions, including partition layouts and overall room sizes. It’s typically not enough to build from as the set lacks details a contractor would need to complete the home, but it’s drawn to scale and could be used to approximate the designs.
The Construction Package delivers everything you’ll need to construct the home, including detailed plans, a foundation plan, roof plan, exterior elevations, wall sections, and interior details, along with a window, door and hardware schedule. I offer hourly consultations and upgraded service for those looking for help determining interior finishes, selecting fixtures, developing a lighting plan or other custom interior alterations.
Please see the license agreement for information regarding use of our drawing packages.
NOTE: All dimensional information is in Imperial units (feet-inches).

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