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The maker's (DAILY) SCHEDULE

Briefly: I make things (design, writing, video, scripting, graphics, sketching) in the morning and I manage things (email, meetings, phone calls, etc.) in the afternoon. After adopting this schedule religiously in early 2017, my creative output has increased exponentially. If you're going to try this, give it at least a few weeks and I promise you'll see a difference. The key here is to prioritize YOUR creative goals, not the goals of others.


4AM (this is really early...but that's the point, be awake before everyone else)

Rise, coffee (Starbucks French Roast) + 30g protein (usually 3 links of Jones' microwaveable sausage). Coffee is always prepped for brewing the night before, so I just click it on, brush teeth whilst its brewing and I head into the studio following that.

4:15AM - 11AM +/-

Begin working on creative tasks (outlined from the night before) This can be:

  • design
  • sketching
  • model making
  • writing/scripting
  • editing (video, photo, or writing)
  • graphics tasks (photoshop, lightroom, instagram, pinterest)


11AM - 12:30PM +/-

Leave the studio. Exercise (hike - usually, or bike/snowshoe - weather permitting). Listen to podcasts



Protein lunch (slow-carb) + seltzer (all-day long)

1PM - 4PM +/-

Managing, which can be:

  • phone calls, skypes, google hangouts, interviews
  • emails
  • meetings
  • writing specs, schedules, contracts
  • drafting tasks (CAD)
  • budgeting
  • invoicing
  • marketing (website updates, linkedin, etc.)

Usually I'll take a break around 4PM to:

Read / Music (guitar)...something mind enriching that's not necessarily architecture

5 - 7PM +/- 

More low-horsepower mental tasks:

  • Recheck emails
  • Print drawings for following day.
  • Respond to YouTube/LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram comments
  • Prepare new Instagram posts for evening posting

Reflect on day's accomplishments (what did/didn't I get done). List out the most important design + management tasks I'll be digging into the following day. (Weekly goals are always set in Evernote on Sunday evenings). The end of the day check-in is a time to make sure I'm on track to meet my weekly goals.


7 - 7:01 PM (commute 17 paces back home)

Dinner + (bone dry) Bordeaux