Plan modifications may be possible depending on my current studio workload (use the contact page to inquire).

The process for customizing your plan is:

  1. Contact me, via email and I'll review the intended modifications. Be sure to send along any pertinent sketches or a detailed description of the changes you’d like made. From this I’ll develop an estimate for the time it will take to modify the drawings for you to review.

  2. Assuming the estimate and written change description meets your approval, the next step is for you to purchase the plans along with 50% of the time I quoted to modify the drawings. This acts as the deposit and is my cue to begin modifying the drawings per your request. Shortly after I receive the order, I’ll confirm with you via email the expected turn around time, which will depend on the current workload in my studio.

  3. I’ll contact you again when the design changes have been finalized and request the balance of the modification time. Upon receipt of that order, I’ll email you the finalized modified PDF package.

The Longhouse can also be customized by adding flanking ‘studio’ or ‘guest’ modules.  See my plan catalogue or email me to for suggested expanded configurations.


The drawings will be available to you immediately after purchase.  A link to download the PDF file will be sent to the email you purchased with immediately following check-out.


It varies based on the package you select.  There are currently two options available:

> Schematic Package

Intended for you to review the basic plan layout (18”x24” Sheet Size), this package includes reference floor plans and diagrammatic exterior elevations.  These plans are priced to aid you evaluating whether this is the right design for you.   ( See my ‘unboxing’ video where I go through the drawings you’ll receive).

  • Cover Sheet – notes, license agreement, legend

  • Floor Plans –layout drawings, (BASIC overall dimensions only)

  • Exterior Elevations – showing windows, doors, + exterior materials

> Construction Package

Intended to use for permitting, pricing, and construction of the entire project (sheet size: 18”x24” or 24”x36” depending on the design).  The drawings and specifications are detailed and commensurate with the level of service you would expect to receive from a high end architectural design studio.  There’s a huge amount of value included with this package.  (See my ‘unboxing’ video where I walk you through the drawing package you’ll receive).

  • Cover Sheet – notes, license agreement, legend + door, window, hardware schedules

  • Floor Plans – dimensioned layout drawings

  • Foundation Plan – dimensioned

  • Framing Plans - conceptual (a local engineer will be req’d to design the structure to your local loading conditions (wind, snow, seismic, etc.)

  • Exterior Elevations – showing windows, doors, + exterior materials

  • Building Sections + Details

  • Interior Elevations

Does it include structural drawings?

No. Because local design conditions, climate concerns and codes vary so widely, it's impossible for me to design a structure that would work for every location. For this reason, the license agreement requires you retain the services of a local engineer to design the structural system for your project.

Does it include PLUMBING drawings/fixture schedules?

Plumbing fixture types are shown on the plans, but the set doesn't include rough-in locations or fixture selections. If you'd like help selecting appropriate fixtures, 30X40 can be hired on an hourly basis to aid in the selection process. Plumbing runs and rough-in will be influenced by local codes and must be coordinated with the structural design (see above). As such, these decisions are to coordinated with local subcontractors.

Does it include electrical drawings?

Most sets do not, there are a few that do. If they're included, you'll find them listed in the drawing list. 30X40 can be hired on an hourly basis to develop and customize the lighting plan as needed to suit your design.


This will vary based on your location.  Here in Maine, I typically tell clients to expect the construction costs between $300-450/square foot (this excludes site costs + land acquisition).  It’s also highly dependent on the builder involved and how much of the work you perform yourself.  I constructed The Longhouse for my own family finishing it in 2008 and was able to build it for $113/square foot by doing much of the work myself.  So, there’s definitely some variability in the actual price range.  The Longhouse was designed with efficiency in mind.  The simple plan layout makes for efficient framing and the detailing is intentionally simple.  Cabinetry is modularized and as such some of the construction can be phased.


No, except: you are able to distribute the plans to Contractors + Subcontractors, so that they’re able to price and build your home, but you can’t freely distribute it to others to construct their homes too.  The plans are licensed for use in constructing one home. Purchasing the plans means you're bound to the licensing terms, which spell reproduction rights out in more detail. I retain the copyrights for the plans but allow you to use them for the duration of the project.


Absolutely.  I’d be happy to consult with you - at my current hourly rate - and guide any remaining decisions you might need to make or walk you through some of the details.  Contact me via email to schedule a time to talk.


Inspired by the Native American building type and rooted in historical precedent, the Longhouse assimilates the ideas of this simple communal shelter and reinterprets them in a modern design context.  The Longhouse make sensible use of minimal square footage and it does so with bold architectural purpose at 82’ feet in length.  And, while its length is impressive, the footprint weighs in at a mere 1680 square feet.

By elongating the house and preserving a 20’ width, the modest floor area appears much larger.  The central open space with its taller ceiling unifies the kitchen, dining and living functions while allowing for the separation of private sleeping spaces at either end of the plan.  Dividing the ‘public’ and ‘private’ spaces in this way is a hallmark of an architecturally designed home. The hallway ringing the private ‘service’ spaces – the bath, mudroom, pantry, laundry + storage; enhances the perceived sense of space while maintaining a compact layout.  This isn’t a traditional house it feels custom and modern in every way.

The simple forms and humble materials ensure the Longhouse is an economical home to construct.  It’s the perfect home for someone looking to live within a smaller footprint, fits easily on almost any small lot and is particularly well suited to narrow sites.

The home is structured to allow for renovation and modification along the way with exterior bearing walls and a trussed roof renovating to accommodate future needs is baked in to the design.

Need more convincing?  Watch my video where I explain how the design for The Longhouse came to be.