Architect + entrepreneur

VOL. 1 - A Field Guide to Building, Branding, and Marketing Your Startup Design Business

Using the lean startup methodology to create a minimum viable product, the handbook encourages successive small wins that support a broader vision enabling one to, “think big, start small, and learn fast.”

A unique take on design practice viewed through the lens of entrepreneurship and is designed to answer the questions all new business owners face, from the rote to the existential. Building a business isn’t a singular act; it’s a series of small steps. Using the outline found in Architect + Entrepreneur you can start today. The chapters are organized to guide you from idea to action. Rather than write a business plan you’ll be challenged to craft a brand and you’ll sell it using new technologies.

Follow the guide sequentially and you’ll have both the tools and a profitable small business.


Architect + Entrepreneur

VOL. 2 - A How-to Guide for Innovating Practice

Practice is evolving; current models serve only a select few – wealthy individuals, big corporations, and big government. This volume challenges the foundations of traditional practice and provides a framework for young professionals to build passive revenue streams even before setting out on their own. Doing this builds wealth, professional freedom and increases the chances of success for nascent architecture businesses. 

  • How to develop multiple passive income streams for your business

  • Templates for innovative business models leveraging active and passive income streams

  • Case studies of founders and architects who built 6-figure incomes with products

  • Why writing a book isn’t as difficult as you might think

  • Potential earnings from: Affiliate commissions, advertising, + digital product development


Favorite Architecture Books

Starting an architecture library? Download my 6-page PDF guide to the essentials.

This is the original categorized list of my favorite architectural monographs and texts.

Also, check out this playlist on my YouTube channel for all my video book reviews.


The New Small House

Proud that our Modern Longhouse is one of 25 homes featured in architect and author Katie Hutchison's latest book, The New Small House. A study in, "living smartly, economically and environmentally friendly in elegantly designed homes."

The book presents fundamental small-house design strategies, whole-house case studies. We offer the plans for the Longhouse for download in our Shop.