ARChdaily 2018 competition

ArchDaily is "recognizing and rewarding the projects that are making an impact in the profession, with ArchDaily's 2018 Building of the Year Awards. By voting, you are part of an unbiased, distributed network of jurors and peers that has elevated the most relevant projects over the past eight years. Over the next two weeks, your collective intelligence will filter over 3,500 projects down to just 15 stand-outs—the best in each category on ArchDaily."

I'm hoping you'll consider nominating 30X40's LongStudio to be included in the building of the year competition. It's your chance to reward the work we're doing online to educate hundreds of thousands of students and professionals around the globe. Please help us spread the word by nominating the LongStudio.

The five projects with the most nominations for each category will move on to the voting round.