Our process

Designing and constructing a home is a complex process.  My goal is to make it less complicated while infusing your project with strong idea-driven modern design thinking. The process of designing a home isn't about any one person or thing.  It's not about me, the architect, nor is it about a builder, a place, or a single idea. It's about an innumerable collection of things - all centered about you. Architects are trained to analyze the myriad constraints facing you as you begin the home design process and formulate solutions that marry art + engineering into a cohesive whole.  There are a great many architects that can probably solve your problem - why choose 30X40?

Careful listening, thoughtful analysis

Your project should reflect your priorities and accordingly my design process begins by listening - to you, to your site, to your existing home, your budget, your tastes and lifestyle. I catalog your habits and preferences, your likes and dislikes.  Doing this means my design solutions are based on these factors, not my ego. I do ask that you care about design, that you're open to new ideas and novel solutions. Discovering the right solution is what makes practicing architecture so rewarding for me. I enjoy the process of working through problems. Arriving with preconceptions - while normal - can subvert this natural process of discovery. An investment in new thinking and exploration of different ideas makes for a more enjoyable collaboration and ultimately, a more thoughtful home.  Throughout design I nurture an open dialogue and design is always a part of our discussions.

Idea-driven design solutions

I believe that good design begins with an idea. This reference point or narrative is something we'll refer to throughout the design and construction process. A narrative brings the project to life and gives it a reason for being while informing our decision-making moving forward. This is what I bring to your project, idea-driven design thinking; this is how I work. 30X40's projects are always reflective our individual client’s needs and desires, but also of larger architectural ideas. These are the raw materials of architecture. Although design is our expertise and focus we also know that ensuring the design we've created together is translated into built-form correctly is essential.

Collaborative process

I view design and construction as a collaborative process. Your project will be a reflection of this collaboration - between us, the builder, the subcontractors and all the trades we'll call upon throughout design and construction. Collaborations establish ownership and investment in the project, which I've found results in a better home and an easier, less stressful process for everyone. I care deeply about the design process and I'm invested in making the built-world an authentic and beautiful place. I recognize that it takes many people to make a work of architecture possible. I work with Contractors and Craftspeople who care about the creation of a well-built home as much as I do.

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